about me

My name is Pamela, alias Pam Gogh.
I’m a painter and illustrator.
My mother said that I was born with brushes in my hands.
I’m painting for all of my life and never stop to study: graphic design in high school in Pisa and degree in Fine Art of Florence.
I did private course in trompe l’oeil
I’m a professional painter from 1997 and I had a lot of collaborations in different ways: interior decorations, wall paintings, cases for musical instruments, teaching pictorial techniques and more.
The things that I love about my art is to “customize”; create something unique for the people who ask me a commission.
This is what I’m doing for the big companies such as Hardcase Technologies and Kingo: customizing cases for musical instruments and butsudan (buddhist home temple)
I love to think that my art is around the world, in a lots of different houses, hotel and other different places.
I also love to study history of art, because I believe that every painter must know his origin for create something new!