Save the planet!

I think that we have a big responsabiliy on our Mother Earth and all of us have also a mission my mission is to paint and I want to speak about our planet in my paintings for show to the people how we can do for change the consumistic way! This are my paintings of the project and is only … Read More

Coloring Life in Israel!

Come primo passo del mio progetto in Israele ho scelto Rozi Rozi è un’ostetrica, una donna eccezionale che ha un sogno: aprire un centro di neonatologia a casa. Le pratiche burocratiche purtroppo la rallentano ma lei imperterrita va avanti. Aiuta a dare alla luce meravigliose creature rispettando i ritmi della madre, non forzando il parto e usando tecniche naturali. Tanti … Read More

Painting in Israel!!! 🇮🇱

I’m arrived on 27 and from the 28 I never stop to paint in the amazing Kalimba shop! I’m super happy and full of music everyday. I’m sleeping in my favorite hostel “Overstay” close to Jaffa and I have a super beautiful days. The people are amazing, I paint all day from 10 am till 7 pm and I’m super … Read More

Coloring Life!

I Welcome to my blog! And welcome to my project! my name is Pam, alias PamGogh and I’m an Italian painter. I took my degree in Fine Art of Florence and are 20 years that I’m a professional painter. Coloring Life is a project born during my days spent in the hospital fighting against a cancer (In thyroid) and Chron … Read More